23 January 2008

I'm such a class act...not

Tonight's Genesis class was fun. Of course, I was the youngest person there by at least 15 years (to one person) and probably at least 30 to everyone else. Oh well.

Tonight we talked about Cain and Abel. Somehow we got onto predestination, which just started to annoy me so when we finally got back on task I asked, "Who was Cain really mad at?" I thought it was a simple question with a simple answer but that took 20 minutes for them to discuss. But it did give me time to do some more thinking about a thought that I didn't dare bring up for fear of being thrown out by the Q-tips.

Let's start with the facts we have:
  • Abel was in high regard with God for his offering of the firstlings of his flock.
  • Cain was not in high regard and was angry.
  • God told Cain to suck it up, because if Cain would do well then he would be accepted
  • Cain plays his own version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and kills Abel.
  • Blood is sacred to God for it is life.
So my question is this: If Cain wanted to do well to be held in "high regard with God", and Abel was the epitome of "high regard with God" for his offering of a sacrifice of a lamb, could Cain be trying to win favor with God by offering Abel (the favored) as his own sacrifice/offering to God?

Then the group got on to the whole Land of Nod (Wandering) thing and where did these women come from that Cain 'knew'? I never understand why this is a question. Creation wasn't just the Garden of Eden - God created everything, but within that creation set aside one place that was pure with pure individuals who were holy. That didn't mean God stopped creating everywhere else, or that the garden encompassed the whole world.

Anyway...we finally moved on to chapter 6 (basically skipping the genealogy in 5 but I think I'll be bringing us back there next week, just for fun) but we ran out of time so we couldn't dive into Noah and the ark.

I'm liking this. It's fun to be back in an "academic" setting. I probably shouldn't put that in quotes since everywhere is an academic setting, right? You bet. Maybe I need to start reading my OT books again (if I can find them in my storage) and I could lead the class instead of Ole. Or we could team teach. ... yeah, right.


CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

Oh Miss Moe. How I miss asking those questions and not getting looks of horror that I would pose those questions. What fun. I lead a bible study tonight and it was equally fun. Good night

Karen Elizabeth said...

you're a nerd.