29 January 2008

Crazy day

I work too much: I think I am a workaholic. I took a quiz a week or so ago and it said if you like going to work more than staying home you were a workaholic. Well I love my job and today I loved being at work - even if it felt insane the entire day.

At least there was something going on. Last week took forever to complete and when it finally finished it felt like a month had passed. Holy cow. But today was great. Weeks before our scheduled weekends to work are awesome.

Le Freak: Oh and the freak out happened this morning from my pot stirring. I didn't have to break the news to the lady, her supervisor did that, but then she proceeded to bug me constantly all day on whether or not I had this item in, or that item in, or "Dean just sent out the email on the job announcement, here's a paper copy" (yeah, I'm on the email distro list...thanks), and on and on and on. I understand that this was her task and we changed it and so I suppose I should have expected the 3rd degree on the content (but I'm not stupid, I know what is supposed to go in- duh, it's not rocket science). Anyway, I'm taking it over for this month, then I'll send her next month's template and she can go from there. It's going to be a long process but whatever.

Blast from the past: And today I got an email from a guy I went to training with back in 2002. He finally saw the light and joined the Blue and so he was able to track me down that way. Pretty cool...we exchanged a couple emails and then played phone tag.

Conference plans: So Indecision08 continues. I talked with RAC again and asked him more about this event on S.A.D. First I asked him where it was held...he gave me a quizzical look (like I'm an idiot 'cause everyone should know this) and told me. And I said, "Really? Where does it say that on the registration form?" He said that everyone knows that. And I asked him to put himself in my or a younger Airman's shoes who are encouraged [pushed] to go to this event and then he saw my point.

But I explained that I don't have a whole lot of cash to spend on a hotel room that night - especially just to sleep. I also am not a fan of the drinking binges that seem to ensue following the dinner, so my plan was to just drive back that night. Well, that's a 3-hour drive so now he's telling me I should not go this year and plan better for next year (find a roommate, etc).

I don't have a problem driving back in the middle of the night (9pm) but I just hate these events! UGH! I feel obligated to go because of my job, but I also know a bigwig who got ahead without going to any of these functions (until last year when he had to).

So I'm back to square one. Trying to figure out the hair, the formal dress (I gave my shirt and jacket to mom to sew on the new rank), and the money side.

I'm finished: I need to sleep and make cookies. Not in that order. Don't forget to comment on yesterday's post if you want a chance at a t-shirt!

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