17 January 2008

I'm not good with titles

So today was uneventful, quiet, awesome, exciting, super fun and exhausting. In that order.

My day started uneventful and really quiet. Literally quiet. It was so quiet in my office I could almost hear my boss in his office breathing. Ugh.

But at noon I was a rockstar. I left at 11:26, picked up toner at our toner place, went to BK for lunch for the Snoopy toys, then to the PO Annex to pick up my package from the awesome Bethany Actually, went to the grocery store to pick up tomatoes/dressing/lettuce for supper tonight, and dropped it all off at my apartment. The time: 11:58. Holy crap, I rock.

The afternoon was exciting. Due to some staffing issues coming up in my old section over the next few months, the current supervisor who is full-time has asked for my help with our newsletter. I'm so excited for this because I have really missed working on the paper. It'll be a lot fun I think.

Tonight I had Christmas with Tre. She is so awesome and got me a new pie pan, pie server and a round cake carrier which the pie pan will fit. It's not really a pan - it's kind of like pottery (I know there's a word for that but I can't think of it right now). I got her a Slanket and Envirosax (yes I'm giving them to everyone I know).

And now I'm exhausted and going to go to bed. My hope is to make it to Dunn Bros in the am to get a vanilla chai latte for work. I'm thinking it might be my Friday thing now. We'll see.

I did want to address one thing. My post yesterday regarding my pot stirring wasn't very well written. It kind of made me off to be this snotty little bitch going behind people's backs and fixing their work. And while that is kind of true, I don't normally do this (I just want to help!) and there is a lot more to this story.

The woman who normally does this has been doing it for years and it's never ever changed format (except to get bigger). And it's not all her fault because people who submit items don't give her a suspense date to take it out. And so she just leaves them in until someone calls or she notices that it's out of date. And people would send her flyers to put in with upcoming events but still put them in our distribution boxes as well. So the bulletin would be printed with lots of pages, including the flyers that everyone had already received. Kind of a waste of paper if you ask me.

(Oh and don't get me started on all the copies of the draft that would get printed and then the final copy that would also be printed two days later with nary a change to it but the drafts would be recycled for the final version and paper wasted there. And don't even think about asking me about how many were being printed in the final form and distributed plus all those still printed later because there were too many given out in one area but not enough in the others. Yeah, don't start me on this.)

Over the past few months there's always been talk to make it smaller and "Yeah, I'll talk to her about it." or "I'll talk to her supervisor and get him to have her change it." That hasn't happened. It's kind of a touchy thing because if this gets changed or moved from her job (back to me where it originated years ago - my office, not me) then what will she do for work? Well, in my head she has work to do, this is an additional duty kind of thing, but I'm not her supervisor.

And then there's the inevitable downsizing of the content which I tried to do earlier this month for the January issue and when I asked people to cut things out that had been printed since the last time I helped with the bulletin, I was told it had to be there for reference material (I thought we had a web page for this stuff but whatever). And the constant complaints about it to me or the insinuations that it needs to be fixed but no one would step up finally broke my back. And so I did.

Like I said, I fear a freak coming on next week, but hopefully we'll figure it out somehow. Maybe I'll offer to take it on or I'll talk to her supervisor and see what his thoughts are first. I don't know.

Anyway, I just didn't want you to think I was a bitch for doing this. I just got tired of all the talk and no action.


Kat said...

I didn't think you came off like a 'snotty little bitch' at all! Not at all. I've been in that position - my current career as writer/housewife was preceded by many managerial administrative type gigs. I'm one of those people who just 'gets it done' too, which will pisses off the slackers, but oh well. You seem like such a nice person, I'm sure it'll go off okay. If she still flips her lid, well, it'll only be because she feels like she should have corrected it herself, long ago.

~moe~ said...

Thank you Kat!