22 January 2008

Shuffle me senseless

I hate treadmills. I think I've mentioned this before. They don't take you anywhere and the gym where I work out is infested by men who like to watch the outdoor channel where supposed hunting experts dissect a recent kill and talk about how great it was completed even if it was essentially torture to the poor buck in the process. (Have I told this story?) (And I'm not against hunting, just the glorification of it on this particular story.)

Anyway, I am in desperate need of training for the May marathon I signed up to run. I needed a goal and so I stupidly signed up and then Mother Nature decided that last winter was too warm for us to enjoy and decided to throw some serious cold our way (and I hate running outside in the cold even more than the treadmill).

I decided I needed to do something about it. I have been wanting an iPod shuffle since before they were even released. But paying $80 for a tiny music player always seemed a little off for my finances. Well, in searching I found that Apple offers refurbished iPod's (varying types) for a cheaper rate. $50 vs. $80. Yeah, I can do that. So I ordered one just like the one up above and I got it today.

Songs loaded: 14
I have some work to do on that, huh? It'll be primarily used for running so I need some upbeat stuff so I'll have to sort through my music first. I can't wait!


jb said...

welcome to the world of the ipod! i LOVE mine and most days it's the only thing that pushes me to run that extra mile or two when i start to get tired. let me know if you need some song recommendations! :)

Sophzilla said...

Welcome to the Apple cult! I love, love, love my iPod. Was there life before it? I'm addicted to podcasts.