28 January 2008

Indecisive again

This morning I had coffee with KB which is always fun. I am realizing that I need to talk to people more or those I do get to converse with I end up chewing their ear off.

Anyway, I chatted with her this morning and we talked about my hair ('cause I didn't make it to Juut this weekend). See I've been debating all weekend about this conference. For one, it's in the middle of the week for one night, which sucks. For two, it's on Singles Awareness Day and that's usually a day I stay dressed in black and eat cookie dough. And for three, I just hate attending these kinds of functions.

But KB suggested I rethink that considering where I work now. I was debating because RAC thinks I should go but I just, ugh... I just hate forced engagements like this. So yesterday when I didn't make it to Juut I figured I'd just skip the conference and then I don't have to worry about my hair until June when I go to the opera. But now with KB's wise suggestions, maybe I'll have to find a place here instead. I have a couple more weeks to think about it, but I do want to get my hair done soon if I'm going to so I can play with it. We'll see. (Because if I do go it's a fairly formal function and I'd need to have my "game hair" on).

The other problem is that I realized when I was driving up Saturday that the registration deadline for hotel rooms for the night closed on Friday, so I'd either have to pay a butt load to stay (if I can even find a room) or drive back that night (which would give me a very viable excuse to leave early).

I hate political games like this...that to get ahead or stay ahead you have to attend these functions. I guess I shouldn't call it a conference either, since it's more like a dinner party thing. But either way, it just seems fake. RAC assures me that it's a good time, but I don't need to travel 3 hours in the middle of the week, dress up in blues and hob nob with a bunch of people to have a good time.

I don't know. KB is right, RAC is right, but I hate admitting that.

And it doesn't help that this is my horoscope today:
Social events may be filling your calendar faster than you can prioritize them, especially if you also consider your responsibilities at work. But it still might not be enough to prevent you from dreaming about your future as if it is filled only with glowing rainbows. Your life may be looking sweet, but avoiding difficult issues will only make things more complicated in the weeks ahead.

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