16 January 2008

Good day

Sometimes it seems like I have nothing exciting to say anymore, but these few things here make me very happy so I'm going to keep writing. :)

Cate - how I made it in and out of Target without losing myself was simple: I went straight in, picked up my shredder, paid and walked out. Well, no, I did check out the Global Bazaar and check prices on a couple things but it was cold outside and I just wanted to get home. Normally, I go in with a plan to buy one thing and an hour and a half later I have a cart full of things. I've started investing in Target. I might as well make some money off them since they have most of mine already.

Pot Stirring - well, my pot stirring went well (so far). What I did was this: I've been covering for a woman who has been out on sick leave for awhile. Each month we do a bulletin with information. However, over the past several months during our monthly meeting people have kept saying that the bulletin needs to be downsized. With the information, flyers, etc. it had gotten up to 41 pages (so 21 front and back). The kicker is that most of the updated information needed each month got buried in the middle pages and a lot of the repeat info was being glossed over. And the other problem was that so many copies were being made and not utilized it became a waste of paper and resources.

So what I did was to revamp the whole bulletin. Boss #2 had sent me a different template that others use and last week he, LH and I had this long ass discussion about fixing our bulletin to look more like this other template or something better than what we had. So I did. I revamped the whole bulletin, shifted the new and important info to the first 4 pages and the rest is now called Reference Information. Total - 10 pages (5 printed front and back). Can you believe this? I showed it to Boss #1 who loved it and who took it to the other woman's boss to clear it. That happened yesterday. Boss #1 came back today and said the improved bulletin will now be the new bulletin. But I'll need to do some training when she returns.

The only problem is that when the woman comes back who normally does this, well, I fear a freak coming on. I kind of wish that this whole thing would come back to my office, where it used to be a long time ago. But that probably won't happen.

Friends - Today I got to have lunch with one of my dear friends whom I haven't seen since September. It was so much fun catching up with her and reigniting our friendship. We've already set our next lunch date next month. YAY!


Cate Ross said...

I am relieved to see that you did in fact do some Target lingering. I am still impressed that you managed to do it so quickly!

One of my resolutions for the new year should probably be: don't go to Target twice in the same day. Don't laugh--it happens.

~moe~ said...

Not laughing at all, when I lived in the cities there were times I would go twice, if not three times in a day. I lived just a few blocks away and was there a lot.

Now I don't go as often because it's ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN! (My hometown friends will get a kick out of that one).