11 April 2008

Morning Musings

I'm still reeling from yesterday's great evening at the club. I'm trying to let it go, but I hate letting people get away with treating others that way just because they were drunk. But I know if I confront him or tell him how crappy he made me feel it would end up to be a worse situation than if I just forget it and let it go. It's amazing the way people think out here. First, they're like gigantic tombs of information. They remember all the crap and little things, though they are selective when they sort through it to find it. Shit seems to rise to the top you know, and that's the first thing they'll remember about any situation: all the shit. Second, if you try to fix something or correct a problem - you, as the correctee, are not "helping" the situation, suddenly you're meddling. It's crazy.

Anyway...I'm trying to find funny things to think about today. So here's one from yesterday, though this happens a lot. Someone walks into my office...I'm clearly busy with paperwork - my desk and my keyboard are covered (I'm typing underneath the pile - I have skills, man)...and they say, "Did you get my email about the section needing supplies?"

First, I sigh inwardly because this section is the bane of my existence. Now I know what the comm help desk felt like when we used to have problems every drill with our computers. This section is the most disorganized I know and they are constantly in my office all weekend long. This is the same one who couldn't print letters. Second, I say, "I haven't even had a chance to read your email yet. I was gone all day Tuesday and I'm still trying to sort through the emails I have, so yes, but no to answer your question."

Then he sits down in my chair and says, "Do you have a couple seconds to talk about this?" uh, no...do you not see the pile of work I'm trying to get through? "Uh..." is all I actually can formulate in my mind before he launches into his spiel...which mildly irks me because he can go through everything but I'm still not going to be able to get to it today. Finally we leave it with me telling him to email me the website so I can double check the order the section turned in to me and then I'll work with the guy who has to do the ordering and we'll go from there.

It's now 9:24 that I'm typing this. That conversation was 24 hours ago...I still haven't gotten the website. But you know...you have to order this stuff right away because it takes a couple months to get it all.

Okay...so that was more of a funny-grrr moment. I'm laughing on the inside...really I am.

Update: I finally got the email from him with the website this afternoon. Whoops...this is SO not happening today.

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