15 April 2008

Letter 15

Dear Bed,

What an interesting sleep pattern I have...

The last few weeks have set this precedent that I'm not really liking. Tuesday through Friday, my work week, I wake up at 3:33, then lay in bed snoozing until 4:30 when I wake up wide awake. But my weekends I can sleep until 6:30 without notice...no waking in the middle of the night, no tossing or turning. It's very odd.

And yesterday I made a point to get everything done before I went to bed. The only thing I didn't do was pack my gym bag, but that takes all of 30 seconds to do anyway and I don't usually pack it until the morning because I like to see how I feel for what I want to wear to work out. But I even ironed my uniform at 5:30pm last night, which is very unusual since I'm usually doing that either a) in the morning frantically before leaving, or b) at 9 pm during whatever show I'm watching at that point.

So why I still woke up at 3:33 is beyond me. And I could have gotten up then, but then I would have gotten a little sleep around 4:30 (I've tried this before) and then snoozed then and overslept, so I thought I'd just lay in bed instead.

It's interesting because I just read a blog post not so long ago about better health and the big one was to set a specific time to wake up...every day (weekends too). The writer had picked 4 am and he said even if he went to bed at midnight he still woke at 4 am feeling refreshed. Odd, but he picked that time. I didn't pick 3:33. I'd prefer 4:30. I'd be fine with 4:30, but not 3:33. ugh.

Can we work on this? I don't want to be late for work, but I don't want to lie in bed every morning for 90 minutes because it's still 0-dark-30.

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