09 April 2008

Letter 9

Dear Brookings Marathon,

Ah, BM. Wait - that's a bowel movement and while this is the shits let's call it something else...

Ah, Brookings. How I have longed to run you. Last October, on my marathon high, I signed up to run you.

I dreamt about how this would go down. I'd stay with my brother, I'd be better prepared since I now understood how a marathon works, and I would kick some serious PR butt.

I planned out the route. I thought about running the streets of Brookings. I imagined running by the Campanile. I thought about how it would be to run down Medary and by my brother's house, finishing up in a park and being awarded with a medal and t-shirt...rejoicing as I came to the finish realizing that, YES, I can finish a marathon in a decent time for a newbie.

And then winter hit.

Oh, freakin' winter in this winter state. My training fell to the way side...I struggled to find the time and energy and motivation to get to the gym. When I did get there I hated every minute...running in a shed, about as cold as it was outside but with a little more annoyance with the Outdoor channel.

Quickly, and sadly, my running fell apart. I kept hope that I could still make it...always hoping I'd make it to the gym this week and would get back in a groove. It still hasn't happened.

I woke this morning realizing that 30 days is not enough to prepare for a marathon, no matter how in shape I could be. So I sent an email to the director and asked to withdraw my entry. I doubt I'll get a refund, but at least he knows that my place is open for someone else who can run it.

But for me to run, I need a goal. This was how I made it last year, even though I didn't make it as well as I had hoped. I had a goal. I think I had too much time to prepare so I got bored, but I do need to make a plan.

I'm sorry, Brookings. Hopefully next year I can run you. Hopefully with the new gym being built at work I'll be able to stay motivated through the damn winter months. I do vow, however, to not sign up for any run so quickly after finishing any run. That runner's high for me lasts way too long and impairs my judgment.

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