29 April 2008

Yes we can

Maybe it's that perspective coming out again (see here if you haven't yet). Or maybe it was the email I received earlier tonight about what to expect if Obama becomes President.

The email had pictures of the White House looking like a mosque (with the Arabian-like tops), had a cowboy riding a camel, changed Burger King to Falafel King (and actually - a falafel sounds really good right now) and others. I wrote back to the sender kindly letting them know my opinion about Obama and sent them the link to his website so they could read up on who he is.

But it got me thinking about the Yes, We Can video. I haven't watched that in awhile. I think for about 2 weeks straight back in February I watched it several times a day. So I checked out the website tonight and it still chokes me up. Plus there's a new video - actually two.

So here you go if you're interested. I still don't know how to embed a video so here's the link.

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