12 April 2008

Letter 12

Dear Eric,
Just because I'm a geek I'm going to write a letter to you here, too. That RSS feed thing rocks. I'm so excited you can still read my blog. I think you're my most devoted reader, except for maybe that stalker up north that I know. (Hi, Stalker!)

Anyway, thank you for your email tonight. Everyone's life is crazy and we deal with some really idiotic people sometimes. They just don't understand what's really important and make issues out of every little thing.

I try really hard not to be that kind of person. I have my moments where I go nuts, not literally but close, and I just vent and vent. Or if I can't vent to my venting post, I'll dwell on things for days on end (like Otter) until I realize that in the grand scheme of things, this is just a blip on the surface.

I'm still amazed that we connected through this medium. Some day we really should meet. You may be horribly disappointed in who I am in real life, but it would be great to talk in person sometime. :)

But until then, I still think you are an amazing man and you are doing awesome things. You are the future of our organization. You are someone who can make it better - please don't give up us. We need you.

I'm thinking of you daily and you're in my prayers. Keep your head down and stay safe.

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