05 April 2008

Roller coaster day

I love my job, you all know that. I really do. But today...well today wasn't as bright and colorful as it usually is.

I'm just feeling incompetent today. I had scheduled an orientation briefing at our workplace...I'm in charge of setting it up as it's a requirement for everyone on base and it's mandated by my Boss1. Of the 69 scheduled, 3 showed up. So I canceled it and rescheduled to November, which is basically the next available time.

Part of the problem for this is that it's an orientation briefing for new people coming in. Due to our schedule on our weekend work days, there are so many trainings and other meetings that it can't be held every month. Well it could, but that would be a huge waste of time for not only me, but all the presenters who need to brief. So I've been holding this twice a year. The last one held was last November and I had a good crowd. Now today I had three.

I don't know if I planned poorly or the word didn't get out well-enough, or what, but it's very frustrating to me. I worked on the schedule, I booked the room, Julie sent out the list of who needed to attend (which I know at least one section didn't get it), I had everything set up having worked late last night and came in early today - all for nothing. Well, not nothing - those three that came are really appreciated in my eyes and sadly I can't sign them off because they still need to attend the briefings. It's a requirement. (I need to do something for them in November.)

And the rest of the day I was fielding questions of why it wasn't happening, how many people showed up, and how one person thought I sent out invitations to those who need to attend (which pissed me off because it's not an invitation kind of briefing - "Hey come if you can!" - it's a requirement which training managers for each section are supposed to be tracking too)...But overall I just feel like a failure. I know it's not entirely my fault but sheesh - 3 out of 69? That's just wrong. I did have one supervisor call and apologize but when we went through his list a lot of his people were at a work conference this weekend so they wouldn't have been there anyway.

I don't know...it just kind of dampened the whole mood of the day.

One good thing was going on a walk-about with Mungie Boy. We hit several different sections had said hello to people. Mungie Boy is higher up the chain so it's good for him to get out and see other people. And since I work for Boss1, one guy told me it was really good for me to get out too since I'm working for him - then the younger folks at our workplace would understand who I am.

Anyway...it was an up and down day. I don't know. Good but not as great as usual.

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