28 April 2008

I'm back!

Thank goodness I'm home. I was really annoyed with internet service last night. I tried at 3 different "hot zone" before I finally had one that works somewhat. That's why yesterday was so short.

So I had a great weekend. Sunday I went to church where they were honoring women for the day. One of the former choir members had commissioned a piece for the choir to sing. It was actually really nice. The other bonus was they had only one service so the church was packed. That is always great.

After church a friend and I went to the Wilde Roast for coffee and to catch up. Then back to my room to watch a little of the Indians/Yankees game and then some ultimate fun: I got to have coffee with JB! :) Yay! It's always fun to catch up with her and she's been so busy lately it's amazing she's still upright. You're awesome girl!

Then, sigh, the Guthrie. I hinted at this yesterday but here's the real thing. The Guthrie is playing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and this is nothing like you've ever seen. It's not done in the purist form of Shakespeare, which made the lady next to me a little hesitant and apprehensive about the show. I, for one, I always love when the Guthrie uses a different genre and concept to portray Shakespeare. For some reason when they do it, it works. Last night was no exception.

Puck's costume was great. He described it as what would have transpired if Michael Jackson and David Bowie had conceived a child and then named it Dennis Rodman. That should help your imagery. All the characters were amazing, of course costuming is a gift of the Guthrie.

I don't even know where to begin. All the actors were incredible - the songs were amazing and unexpected - the Cirque de Soleil look was perfect. And like I said last night, the guy who played Oberon was hot...is hot.

Anyway...I don't want to talk too much about it just in case you can see it, and if you live nearby I'd highly recommend seeing it. What an amazing show!

The only downside was right toward the end of the show when my gum suddenly had a rock in it - which turned out to be part of my tooth. Shit. So I'm typing right now because I can't talk. I went to the dentist as soon as I came home and I now have a temporary crown, with the permanent to join my molars next week. Joy.

The bad thing is that I haven't eaten since the bagel and banana this morning so I'm starving but I can't move my mouth. And when the cute guy at the grocery store today tried to smile and say hi to me, I couldn't move. Dammit. I was this / / close to writing him a note saying, "I can't talk or smile right now because I can't feel my jaw, but if you'd like to talk sometime in the near future please call me at:... " but I don't have the guts to do that. And that's a whole other blog topic.

So I'm anxiously and yet nervously waiting for the Novocaine to wear off so I can eat again. I hate this part - the wearing off of the numbness. It sucks.

Oooo the tingling is beginning...gotta go!

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