23 April 2008

Letter 23

Dear Boss1,

People often ask me why I love my job so much. Truly you are a huge reason why I love my job. You are fabulous to work with, you make things so much easier just by making it enjoyable. We can laugh and joke with each other and yet still get the work accomplished. And the work we do is so important.

Today was Administrative Professionals Day (aka Secretary's Day to those who still work in that vernacular). I had totally spaced about this day. It's not a big deal to me, mostly because you show your appreciation for my work all the time.

So today when you walked in and said, "I remembered this year!" I looked up in confusion and there you stood with three tulips and a balloon that said, "To a great assistant. Thank you!" I was in shock, seriously. After I stammered and said, "Thank you" like a million times, you said, "I have one more thing for you too."

What more could you give me? I thought. Well in you walked with a letter authorizing me 10 hours off. I couldn't believe it. Of course this was for my LMPC work but still, I couldn't believe it. Tulips, balloon and time off? Wow.

And people still question why I love my job. And it's not just because of this stuff. This is a bonus. I get to work with you and your colleagues who are all so amazing. Everyone has such a great sense of humor and we get to play it up. Like when you wrote to the-man-I-admire to ask him for some bullet statements about himself for a form you had to fill out and he ended his bullet points with "VERY HANDSOME". I mean, that cracks me up!

It's like JonG says, "If you can't have fun at your job, you're in the wrong place." It's so true. You have to enjoy what you do. It makes the day go easier, it makes life worthwhile, it makes everything better. And of course we're going to have bad days. But those are so few and far between.

Anyway, thank you for today and for the gifts. It's an honor to work for and with you. I thank my lucky stars every day that you chose to hire me 16 months ago. Thank you.

P.S. Dear readers - when is Bosses Day?


jb said...

always october 16

~moe~ said...

Thanks JB! :)