30 April 2008

Letter 30

Dear Blog,

Tonight is my last required Letter via NaBloPoMo for the month of April. May's theme is "voices" which should be interesting since I have several running through my head at any given moment throughout the day. But tonight I thought I should write you a letter instead.

Blog, you serve me well. You allow me an outlet. My friends are all miles away and I don't do well with phone calls. But typing? Yes, typing I can do. And typing I did do (which typing that throws one of the voices in my head into a British accent mimicking Gwyneth Paltrow's character Helen from Sliding Doors when John Hannah's character James asks her, "Do you work there?" and she says, "I did do, but I've just be fired, okay?" - I would continue and am doing so in my head but I'll keep that to myself).

Anyway... this is my 50th post for the month. How insane is that? This is only a 30-day month? I hope all that I have written makes sense. Sometimes I think I ramble a little too much. The whole point of this medium was to see how I could do with writing and formulating my thoughts.

I don't think I'm doing well at this. Most of the time I just ramble and end up on tangents that make no sense. Of course part of the reason is that I don't write everything on my blog that is going on in my left because there are things I just don't want to share with everyone nor do people want or need to know some of the things in my life (privacy can be a good thing!).

So anyway, I just wanted to thank you dear blog for putting up with me. You keep me honest and stable. You help me connect with friends around the world (Hi Eric and Karen!). And you keep me sane. Thank you.


Kat said...

Howdy, SaraMoe! Long time no see. I've been a bad blog friend lately. So busy. You've been posting a lot... it may take me a while to catch up! Just wanted to say hi.

Karen Elizabeth said...

yay, you gave me a shout out on your blog! Hey right back to you. I don't do well with phone calls either, but I can type and send emails, so I figure that's a step in the right direction. I so enjoy reading your blog.