16 April 2008

For those concerned...I'm sleeping & running again

But not at the same time.

I did sleep all through the night last night. It was great! I woke up at 5:20 with my alarm, curled up for another 20 and still had time to make it to Starbucks and to work on time.

Of course the rest of the day was a blur, as most Wednesdays are. Meetings, meetings, meetings all morning long and then spending the rest of the morning typing up minutes of said meetings.

I did get to go to the gym today, which was great. I went yesterday, too (the start of my return to marathons). Our PT test is coming up soon so yesterday I tried to see how fast I could do the run portion. I finished in 15:14, which isn't bad for the distance, and would give me a decent score, but it is really fast for me. That's a 10:07 minute mile and I'm usually at an 11:30 or 12 so this one hurt a little. Today I tried it again, just to see if it was a fluke.

Well...it must have been. I did the math and figured to go faster I'd need to run at 6.1 to finish under 15 (last year I finished in 14:30 and that hurt, I'd like to do better this year - primarily finishing with out hurting or needing to walk a mile just to get my breath back because I ran so hard just to finish with a decent time). So I started. I made it about 3/4 a mile and then started to fade. Part of this could have been that it was noonish and I hadn't had any protein yet for the day (bad!) nor eaten anything since 9 (snack) and 7 (breakfast). Yesterday I ran around 3 and had had lunch at 12:30 so I was feeling pretty good then.

Anyway, when I started to fade I decided to reevaluate what I was doing. I do want to get faster, but just running faster isn't going to do it. So I did a few fartleks (of sorts) to start strengthening my legs. Not only is this a fun word to say, they can be fun to do. Of course I did this kind of odd but it worked, I think: I would walk for a bit and then run at about 7.2 for 30 seconds or so, then jog for a little bit, then run at 7.2 again. I did this 4 times I think until it just got hot in the shed and I started to get dizzy - lack of sugar and protein! Note to self: Must Accelerade tomorrow!

Anyway, my legs are sore today but it's a good sore. I feel like I'm accomplishing something ... finally! Of course I still look and feel fat, but that will go away too, I'm sure (I hope!). And the fact that I'm now counting my calories will help. I'm actually wondering if I'm not eating enough...but maybe I am. I don't know. That's confusing too.

It's that time though...I need to find a focus. I need to find something else to do with my life besides watching AI or knitting. Spring is here (the wind proved that today) and summer is coming. Our new gym is almost finished and when I start running there on a regular basis I want to be ripped.

The most important thing: sign up for the TC Marathon opens Friday.


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