29 April 2008

Letter 29

The letter P is for perspective.

When it rains, it pours. That seems to be so true today. I'm not sure if my stars are out of whack or what but these last few days have been just a cluster of mess ups that are almost comical when you put them all together.

  • First, there's the snow that came down IN APRIL and is slated to return later this week (hopefully it'll just stay as rain).
  • Then there's the tooth which still hurts and I've already talked about. And I discovered with that that my insurance through work is crap for dental stuff, which is really ironic since my organization is gung-ho on good dental hygiene. Yet we have crap for insurance unless you want to pay extra for a supplemental (which I do). This is my one complaint about my workplace - poor straight-up dental insurance. Oh well.
  • Then this morning I woke up to hear my toilet running. I tried to catch it but it was too late...the tank was basically empty and it wouldn't flush. I don't understand this one because the flapper is fine, the chain is fine, but it won't fill up. Weird.
  • Starbucks was super busy this morning - apparently everyone needed some caffeine today - and I was running late so no chai for me. :( Granted this isn't a crisis or horrible thing - in fact it saves me money though I got a gift card from a friend last month so I wouldn't have had to pay anything. But still...I could have really used a chai.
  • My tire which seems to lose air every month is losing air again and dinged at me while I was driving in to work today - which is ironic because I was going to stop at MINI yesterday before I left the cities to have them look at it but because of my tooth I came straight home instead. Tooth...tire...tooth...tire....hopefully I made the right decision.

I'm just waiting for the next thing to drop. Things come in 3's right? I've had 5 so there should be another one coming. Maybe my NED will end or maybe I'll break my leg or something. Who knows. I guess I'll just have to wait and see - and laugh at all the rest of the crap going on.

It is truly comical how everything seems to be going wrong at once. It's like rip in the atmospheric layer of life and evil is seeping through. Weird.

The funny thing about all of this is that it really is about perspective. I'm annoyed these things are happening but really these are SO minor compared to other things in the world. I have friends and relatives of friends who are fighting the "War on Terror". I have multiple (yes multiple) friends with cancer fighting to survive. There are people struggling all over with their lives, sickness, and regular life. My problems are so pathetic when you hear about all the rest.

It makes a person think. I'm really blessed in my life and I appreciate everything that I've been given. I mean, a toothache is nothing when there are people who can't get dentistry help or are lying on the chemo table waiting for the next round. And the fact my toilet was broken this morning is of no consequence when I have a super who can fix things for me - and did. It's working great now.

And there's more. Tonight I got to relish in two huge blessings in my life. I got to hang out with Sarah and Eric at BW3s which was great. They always cheer me up and I can't wait to hang out with them again.

So God's blessings to all of you. You're in my prayers and I hope for the best for each of you.

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