23 April 2008

All great things must come to an end

American Idol is starting to piss me off. You have these pretty awesome nobodies singing their hearts out to take a chance at becoming great.

In the beginning this was a good show, whittling out the ones who couldn't sing, who couldn't perform. But lately it seems it's become a popularity contest, not about skill.

Tonight is case in point. Two people are in the bottom two of the group who truly should not be. While for sure one, but my opinion is two, others were safe, I think primarily because they have a fan base of young girls who just don't quite understand what it takes to be a constant performer and entertainer.

And Carly is leaving us. UGH. I'm annoyed. She is so talented. The only thing I can say is that she still has an amazing career ahead of her and it won't stop here. sheesh. People! Vote better!

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