01 April 2008

Letter 1

Dear Readers,
I was going to start this morning with an exciting announcement - I'm engaged! Yeah, my boyfriend, whom none of you know about, came over last night and proposed and I said yes. But this morning I overslept and had to rush to work, didn't even have time for a Chai. So I didn't post this until now.

And then I realized that all of you who know me would know that this was a totally lame attempt at an April Fool's joke so why even bother. And no, I don't have a secret boyfriend. Like I could actually find a guy to date me at all.

Instead, I'll just mention that for NaBloPoMo this month the theme is letters. So I'll be writing letters to either you or me or whomever I feel deserves a letter. Thank goodness this is only a 30-day month.

p.s. I might not sign every one...that seems redundant since right below this it will say "Posted by ~moe~ at whatever time I write this" but we'll see how I feel.

1 comment:

Kat said...

Woah. You had me going there for a minute and its the 4th...I'm slow...