22 April 2008

Letter 22

Dear smile,

These were things that brought you out today:

1) Julie Jo telling me that since she changed the paper for me in the printer I needed to empty her recycling bin (a bin 3 1/2 feet high, 1 foot wide and completely full). HA! I don't even empty my recycling bin...why would I empty hers? Plus the place to empty them is right outside her door.

2) Seeing on my CBT course this line: "You type the titles of your master documents and subdocuments, pressing ENTER to insert a carriage return between each row." Ah, carriage return. Do kids these days even understand what that really means? (And before you scoff at me, yes, I learned on a manual typewriter, carriage returns and all).

3) More pictures of Nika...how cute! ;)

4) Discussing who is authorizing and who is certifying for each document. Seriously, this is a cluster.

5) Having the picture of "Ron Anderson" from my CBT pop up on my screen. I don't know why but it just struck me funny. Which then of course triggered a question from Boss1, "What's all the levity in the next room?"

6) Have you ever had that urge where you just wanted to kiss someone? I get this every now and then. Once I did during music theory where I just really wanted to kiss Tim S sitting next to me, which for some reason grossed out Tre. I never acted on it but it was a weird moment of need. I had that a couple times this morning where I just wanted to kiss someone. Maybe it's because Freddy Krueger was in my dream last night instead of John.

7) Speaking of, that dream was weird. I was at a movie in my home town which is odd enough because we don't have a theatre. I left the theatre (a grand place for the tiny town) and was driving down a road, I kept moving over to the left lane so I could turn. I went through three different intersections before I came to the last one where I had to turn left or right. I turned left and at that point I was suddenly walking/running. I was on the road that comes out just behind the town bar but when I got to that intersection I was suddenly by the Elevator (which is two blocks to the right or where I should have ended). Anyway, I was running by the Elevator, ended up at the next corner and stopped (did I mention it's nighttime) so I could get the rocks out of my shoes. Mary Hess was there, and we were chatting about some class thing when Freddy Krueger shows up and asks if I'm scared or if I need a ride home (I can't remember which). I was momentarily shocked, brought up my arms to my chest to block anything he was going to try, and then said I was fine, turned back to Mary to continue talking and he left. Only then did I get completely freaked out, my heart started pounding and we headed up the main street hill by the Post Office. Then I woke up.

8) I hate Focus Training. And schedules. And scheduling people for Focus Training.

9) Even hours later when I'm still working on CBTs (I have a lot of them) when I see the name "Ron Anderson" I still chuckle, thinking back on his picture. Why? I don't know.

10) PIE! And the secret rendezvous that went with it. :) hahahaha

11) Alton Brown was right! The little birdy makes all the difference in the pie - no more goop! I'm so happy.

12) Running outside. Man, it was beautiful today, though windy at one point, but the way back felt really good.

13) Today is Mark S's b-day. I always remember this and still have the email he sent me that said, "I can see you!" We had a mutual stalking relationship.

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