20 April 2008

Plans gone astray

I had grandiose plans for today. I completed a few of them - hearing Sarah preach, watching the Indians game (well, at least 9 innings worth - I'm probably the reason why they lost since I felt asleep in the 10th).

But the rest of my plans - going through papers, shredding, taking down recycling, cleaning in general...well those didn't happen. Probably because I usually do all that on Monday and it's not Monday yet. So my list for tomorrow has just gotten much longer. Oh well.

Sooooo....my blog posts have been pretty boring lately. Sorry about that. I do have some exciting news:

I'm doing TC again.

Yep, I decided that on Friday and sent in my registration. Since I dropped out of Brookings, I thought I should at least set a feasible goal and then Brookings can be attempted next year when I have a decent place to train during the winter.

I've been checking out some different work out plans. I went on Runner's World and I had to chuckle a little, though I did so with much wonderment. Their schedule they gave me, to train hard, for 16 weeks, they only have me running - actual running - twice a week. The rest of the week is cross-training or rest.

REST! Apparently they don't know me at all, because giving me an opportunity to rest and only run 2 out of 7 days of the week will not work. I need to run something like 5 out of 7 days instead. Not that I need to over run, but if I start resting (because I don't do cross-training well) I won't ever stop.

I know I do need to do some cross-training, but I can't give up running just to do that. So I'll have to find a better plan somewhere else. I have some other options out there, I just need to pull them out.

So that's my news. For better or worse.


jb said...

we were at the twins/indians game today and i smiled to myself when it ended in our favor (i knew you'd be watching from home!!).

~moe~ said...

Oh thanks...I watched the last three days fully expecting to see you there with a big sign saying "Circle Me Bert, my insane friend is an Indians Fan!"