18 November 2009

Wednesday's suck

Today was a crappy day. I like my days off, but then when I come back to work it's insane it just bites.

I wore my glasses today so I could see, but then people just bug me - "How come the glasses, Moe?" It's like they think I'm slumming or something. Of course I don't like the brown glasses I have, so that didn't help.

And I didn't get a run in. So I'm crabby about that.

My saving grace? I get to see MS tonight. Thank the good Lord for MS.

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Anonymous said...

Even though I've been stuck wearing my glasses all the time for a couple months now, I still get people asking about it, "Glasses, huh?" Like I've quit showering and taken to eating ez-cheese from a can (aka slumming)! I'm right there with you on that one!