03 November 2009

STILL decluttering

Funny enough, despite my lamenting that this is the last week of Mondo Beyondo, I've been feeling the most un-Mondoish the past few days. I'm not sure what's going on in my brain. I sat at church and every little thing was tripping me to tear up. I just don't feel all together anymore.

I know a big part of this is the radical change I'm putting myself through - I'm decluttering in the biggest way possible - going through every box in storage and sorting what I want to keep and what I'm parting with either to Good Will or the Good Dump. It's overwhelming, not only the sheer amount of boxes and items, but the sheer amount of boxes.

Yes, I know that doesn't make sense, but it's like this: I sort through a box, the stuff surrounds me in a horseshoe pattern on the floor (as I'm prone to do), and then I get done and put what I want to keep back in a box, or there's a recycling box, the good will box, and then the trash box. The latter three I can take care of somewhat easily, but the first is tough. Where do I put it until I'm done with all the other boxes? I have very limited storage, and putting it back into storage will get it mixed in with the other boxes I still need to sort. It's a complicated mess.

So for now the boxes I'm keeping are getting stacked in my bedroom. The empty boxes I can break down (i.e flatten) are being flattened, the boxes I can't flatten are getting stacked in my entry way.

I have boxes every where. It's overwhelming.

I can't wait for this project to be finished. I have limited time to do it so it's taking longer than I would like, but I'm getting it done. I just wish it wasn't so daunting of a task.

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