22 November 2009

Taking a break

It's the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday. I didn't run today, though I did get all dressed and even headed outside...even running all of 20 feet. And then I realized that I just wasn't in the right mind frame. Yes, I could have pushed myself but it would have been trudging along and not really good, though all runs should be good.

Instead I came back inside and did two loads of laundry and have been working on those things-that-shall-not-be-named. I even rearranged my storage unit. I'm getting closer to a stopping point. I have a few of those things in the way back that I'm not going to go through, mostly clothes and I'm not there right now, so I grabbed 4, went through those, and then took back 4 while getting the final 4.

That's right, folks. I'm down to the final four I'm going to go through at this time. I think I will hurt myself if I don't stop soon. So these are the last ones and then I can put back the ones I'm keeping and start working on the books to sell.

The good thing is I have gotten rid of a lot. I found one of those things with a stack of magazines this morning. UGH! What is up with that? So I recycled all of those and was free a thing. I have two receptacles full of recycling, two others full of books, and still four more to go. But I needed a break.

I can't wait until this is done and I can just go back to pretending the stuff doesn't really exist. At least for awhile. But I'm glad I'm keeping what I'm keeping. Someday I hope to have a library where I can put all the books out and then maybe I'll actually read them. :)

Okay...I better get back to it. MS is supposed to be calling so we can make cookies for a friend of his who is deployed. I know he had some of his own projects he wanted to get done, so hopefully he'll finish soon and we can get that done too.

Happy Sunday!

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