14 November 2009

Projects galore

So today started early since MS wanted to go to the gym. I'm proud of him for doing that, I haven't had the urge or desire to run at all lately, and believe me, my waistline is showing it. Not good.

So I got to start on my cleaning and dealing with those-that-shall-not-be-named things right away. I cleaned up my apartment, putting a lot of it in my bedroom, but at least my living room and kitchen are clean. YAY! I was going to pull out more of those things tonight but I thought I'd take a night off.

KC came over today and we made our Christmas gift project. It's really cool, but I can't tell you about it because some of the readers here will be recipients. Sorry. I promise to post photos and stuff later because KC got artistic and some are pretty cool.

Then I worked on a photo project. I totally spaced that I had used some of my coke rewards points earlier this year for a free 8x11 Snapfish photo album. Luckily, since Christmas is coming, I thought I'd actually use this and create an album. It looks pretty cool, but I haven't ordered yet. I want to look through a few more of my photos and make sure I have the ones I want.

I'm really excited about both of thses projects. I'm feeling a wee bit crafty and it's fun. I was going to bake tonight too but I decided to play it safe and just call it quits with the two I did do.

Slowly things are coming together. YAY!

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