08 November 2009


My boyfriend is the best. I don't care what you think...he's the best. :)

I have had a really, really rough week. We had a computer program conversion, it was a long work week, I had to work late a couple nights, go in early a couple others, spent most of two days briefing everyone's favorite topic "Sexual Assault" and decluttering in the process.

Let's just say, I've been stressed.

MS came out to work today to pick up my house key so he could go to mom's and pick up a few more of the branches we had left from last week's excursion. We spent about 30 minutes talking about nothing, he kissed me and dropped me back off for my last two briefings. I will say that that break really helped.

Well, when I got ready to go today (late because the day ran long) there was something under the windshield wipers on my car. So many thoughts ran through my head - a note from a victim needing help, a note from an assaulter telling me I was next, a note from my former RB saying whatever, or some random flyer that sometimes show up.

But, no. My awesome boyfriend had left me a card with sweet words of encouragement and support. It's not like him, he usually shows he cares in other ways, but this was so sweet and so needed.

I get to go see him now and we get to spend three days together before we both go back to work. A nice little mini-break for the two of us. yay!

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