02 November 2009

Church Day

Yesterday was a full church day. I haven't had a day like this since LS. It was good though.

MS and his mom go to a different church than I do...still ELCA, just not one I knew was in our town. The pastor there was celebrating his 25th ordination anniversary so the church had put together a surprise get-together for him between services. MS's mom wanted to go so we went.

We got to church early and hung out in the fellowship hall just chatting. We got to meet the pastor's internship supervisor who was a bishop in ND for awhile. MS and I had a bet going that I would know more people than he did at the church (the small incestuous Lutheran community, as we called it at school). I said that I doubted that but for every person I knew I would take him out to dinner.

I owe him 6 now. Sheesh.

The associate pastor went to grad school with me - I think she recognized me but we didn't really talk. The Bishop was there, who I knew but he didn't know me. One of the retirees from my current job was there. The pianist for the adult choir used to go to my home church. And then on the prayer list was not only RAC but his daughter in law as well. Crazy.

After church we went to Boston's for lunch which took for.ev.er. But it was good. Then MS dropped me off and I headed to my LS meeting.

I've been invited to be part of a President's Advisory Council for LS for this area. I wasn't quite sure about it, still not so, but it was good to catch up with Rick and MaryS and see a fellow student, Chris C, who now runs one of the programs at the local college. There's a longer story with the latter but I'll save that for another time.

All it all it was nice to reconnect with church people. Not sure where that'll take me but it was good.

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Anonymous said...

No Way. I was in town for halloween at Spezias, and low and behold, who walks by my table? The president of LS. I wanted to say something but it took me a while to register who he was, that I was seeing him, and that I was actually in SF...was weird. Were you there? He seemed to be looking for people, like he wasn't sure if his party was eating there, or something. Miss you.