27 November 2009

Firsts...and maybe never again

MS is a Black Friday shopper.

I am not.

But this year, I gave in and went along with him (partly because one of the items was a gift for me) and truthfully it wasn't too bad. Of course we only hit a couple stores.

We started at Target for a good deal. We got there about an hour before they opened and found the line to be formed about a block down, in front of the north entrance of Kohl's. I had been texting SBK because she was going to be there shopping. She said her sister and future SIL were at the front of the line of Target, so me being the tricky...I mean, SMART, one I texted Jess and she offered to pick up whatever I needed.

Hallelujah! So we worked out a plan where Jess and Cyn went in, MS followed and got a spot at the register (for the record he stayed in our original spot) and I stayed outside to provide moral support and cheer them on.

I will say this, Target was smart. They had carts lined up down and around the corner for about a quarter of a block and then had security personnel staged every.where. They were determined to keep the line jumpers out, and they did. It went really smooth - a single line - maybe two or three across and in the store they went.

After MS came out, 15 minutes after the doors opened (and we figured out we could have just stayed where we were and been okay, but we weren't sure) we headed to Menards. let's just say, I really dislike menard's. This was one of those, push and line jump kind of place and people filling their carts with blankets and slapping your hand if you mistakenly grab one (that was on me, in case you were wondering). I, however, had an armful and called it good.

Then, after a pit stop home to change my jeans because my DMD popped a hole while in my pocket at Menard's, we headed on a road trip to Cabela's to get MS a gun (Yes, E, we have guns here in SD).

Then, amazingly enough, we went BACK to Menard's to pick up a few things we missed, then to Wally World because we hadn't stopped there (stocked up on movies), then lunch, and then back to Target! Crazy we are.

But after that madness, we came back to MS's and mowed the lawn (another first - mowing on the 27th of November) and now we're vegging. The weather was perfect today, but MS is feeling a little icky so we're going to watch one of our new movies and relax.

I hope your Black Friday went well for you all. :) I'm proud to say, I survived.

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Anonymous said...

You're brave... we tried to go to Best Buy last year on Black Friday to buy a dishwasher. Walked up to the store, got overwhelmed by the madness, left and went out to breakfast instead. Bought a new dishwasher a week later for a couple hundred more, but also without anybody hitting or pushing us at the same time! :-)