20 November 2009

Another day, another week

Today was one of those days where I really could have spent another 3 hours in bed and maybe felt rested. I don't know why I was so exhausted but I was. Plus a nice headache on top of it all. Always fun.

Tonight was nice though. MS and his mom wanted to go to a memorial service/viewing of a friend of hers and MS asked if I wanted to go along. Well, not to be a funeral crasher, I said I'd go if he wanted me there. And of course he did.

So I went and was excited to find out it was at the funeral home where my friend/mentor works now, RRR. I was so excited to see him, as I haven't seen him since July. So we caught up and he met MS and told him he had to take care of me. :) Always nice.

It was just so great to see him. It's funny how God brings him back into my life at times when I really need to see him, when I need that boost of morale and joy. I miss seeing him on a daily basis, so these little moments really mean the world to me.

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