21 November 2009

Just another Saturday

Nothing like going in to work for a few hours to kill a Saturday. Oh well. I got a few of my taskers accomplished, which was good, and didn't let myself stay all day to do others, which was better.

SBK and I met up after I finished so we could do a little Christmas shopping for our boys. We both ended up finding what we were looking for and at a good price.

But here's a note to those reading. I'm trying to come up with a box of memory enhancing items to give to my sister. It's a long story, but essentially she ended an email to me the other day, "I want a long memory and a HUGE clue!" So I got her the Memory Board game, the Clue vintage board game, and then some Ginko Biloba. I'm sure there are other memory devices out there, but I need some help. Any ideas? I want to put a big box together for her for Christmas.

Speaking of those-things-that-shall-not-be-named, I pulled out 4 more from storage for tonight. I'm hoping to get through those while I'm doing some laundry. I'm making progress! My storage unit is starting to show signs of shrinkage! (hahaha...I said unit...and shrinkage... hahaha...I'm so juvenile)

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Kat said...

what did you get MS? I'm so clueless about what to get for my own husband...and feeling very behind since you've already been shopping!!