29 November 2009

One more sick day

MS is still sick, so this morning I ventured out so he could rest and went to church. It's the best season ever - Advent! YAY! I love me some Advent. All that waiting and preparing...it appeals to the list-maker in me.

So we watched a few more movies today. I finally got to see The Dark Knight and then we watched the, ick, Vikings game. It wasn't bad, and I do like football, but uffda.

MS seems to be getting worse instead of better though. I'm hoping this is just the darkest part before dawn and that he's better tomorrow. He's supposed to work but I'm a little hesitant about letting him go, but that's not really my decision. We'll see how he feels in the AM.

But for sure, tomorrow we're washing everything (or I am) and cleaning up some things that probably aren't helping to be lying around. Hopefully he'll get better soon.

And hopefully I won't catch anything. :)

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