07 November 2009

Long day again

Well, it's a working day and I'm behind on a lot of taskers, so this morning I went to work at 5:30. This isn't a bad thing, I get a lot more done either early in the AM or after the official work day is over because I don't have people bugging me every 2 minutes, but it really drags the day on. By 4 this afternoon I was about falling asleep standing up.

We did have some fun today. My quartet got to sing the national anthem at a local football game. That was very cool. Of course my Alma mater was the opposition but I kept cheering for them. Very funny - I ran into Mike B who used to work with me in Admissions when I worked the call center back in the day (16 years ago). That was pretty cool.

But I'm just so tired. I ran some errands after work - picked up some paint for MS's project, returned some shoes, got some groceries - then came home and chatted with MS and my sister. I did some laundry and continued on the boxes. I'm slowly getting through all of those.

The good news - after work tomorrow I'm free until Thursday! YAY! Thank goodness for vacation. I need some time off. It's much needed.

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