13 November 2009

Just a little wordling

Every now and then I wordle my blog just to see where my focus has been. I just use my main URL and then hit go to see what comes up.

A few weeks ago the biggest word was "boxes". Ugh. I know this has been the central focus point of my life lately and I'm kind of sick of it. But I know if I stop now I know this project will be like so many others of mine and not get finished.

So I continue. But I'm also happy to report that today's wordle had MS as the biggest word. That's probably how it should be. MS is a huge part of my life and my focus should be more with him and my family...not on work and boxes.

On a quick note, I also found in one of those-things-that-shall-not-be-named a computer thing I did back in college. It was entitled, "Things that make me happy..." and then followed with a list of just that. Funny enough most of those haven't changed. It was fun to read this and be reminded of things that do make me happy. I felt a grin slowly form on my face and soon became a full-fledged smile.

I need to do this more often and remember that life isn't supposed to be stressful all the time, that there is so much good in the world and so many things make me happy and focus on those instead.

So Happy Friday the 13th to you all. I hope you can find your happy place.

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