26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I went to church last night to take a little break and try to remember the real reason behind this day instead of just turkey, parades and football. The pastor had a decent sermon, at least after she finished introducing herself and the program she works for.

Anyway, she said there are three questions we should ask ourselves on this day. The first, of course, is the one we all know: What are you thankful for? (Or, "For what are you thankful?")

The second and the third were new, though sometimes the second gets answered in the first: "To whom are you thankful?" and "How will you show your thanks to God for these things/people?" (and I would add, how will you show your thanks to those to whom you are thankful?)

It made me stop and think. She suggested we all take some quiet time today and really reflect on these because the act of thankfulness is doing something in return, such as giving thanks. Her example was the awesome thank-you notes we all grew up writing. You had to give thanks to those who have given in return.

So quickly, because I have a lot to do today, I'm giving thanks, thanks for MS, my family, K&E and Nika, all my friends whom I cannot name or this blog would go on forever, my health, my job, my home, my life.

Thank you to MS and my friends and extended family for allowing me to be a part of your lives. I love you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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jb said...

Your friends are thankful for you, too!!