30 November 2007

The winnah....

I can't stop blogging!

So I just wanted to put this out here, even though I've contacted everyone.
I'm playing Pay It Forward with four fabulous women. Please read their blogs. They are very cool!

And just a note: Megan and JB. I'll still play with you, too, but maybe on a different level since I know you two personally. :)

First winner: Bethany Actually. BA has a super adorable daughter who learned Do Re Mi of the Sound of Music and 40 years ago would have given Julie Andrews a run for her money (that is, if BA's girl had been in existence and JA wanted competition).

Second winner: Kat at Katstuff. Kat is very funny, crochets (which I cannot do, so I'm very jealous of her talent) and has a very busy December ahead of her. Uffda! Try to stay sane, Kat!

Third winner: Cate Ross at Mistress of All Evil. Cate and I 'met' last year during NaBloPoMo (she sympathized with me when I lamented that my workplace had blocked all personal blogs and so I couldn't read them at work anymore). Cate is an avid reader and has really good book reviews.

Fourth winner: CC at Camp Chaotic. I'm new to reading CC's blog, but she has some very cool projects and adorable kids. Plus she knows SAJ whom I've been reading for awhile and since one is cool, they both must be.

So these are my Pay It Forward participants. I'm so excited for this! I love having reasons to do projects. I only hope I don't let you ladies down.

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