23 November 2007

Evil Black Friday

I have never been a fan of shopping, especially in stores. My sister used to have to deal with me on a continual basis when it was time to shop. I would whine, I would cry, I would pout. I hated every moment of it and I hated everything she or my mother would pick out for me.

As I've grown I've found what works best for me. What works for me is to go shopping either a) when I'm motivated to shop, b) with someone who understands what I like, or c) all alone when I have to and when I know exactly what I want.

What's a little ironic is that my sister now has a daughter who is just like me. She isn't a big fan of shopping either and tends to (also) hate whatever her mom picks out. My sister finally got annoyed enough that she decided to send her daughter out shopping with her dad. HA! I'm sure that was fun.

Today is Black Friday. Aptly named, if I do say so myself. What is the appeal of getting up at 3am to be at the stores at 4am to shop? I know the deals are that good, but really, are they THAT worth it? I'm such an online shopper anyway but this day just annoys me.

But alas, when my awesome friend Tre called and said she was going to drag me out this evening, I did oblige. What was even more hilarious was that we went to Sportsman Warehouse which is not a place I'd ever go. We walked in and Tre found this hunter shirt that she totally fell in love with. I smiled politely and she said, “What?” I just smiled and she said, “I know we have different tastes.” I said, “Girl, we're polar opposites. I have no idea how we became or stayed friends.” She said, “I know! But it works!”

Somehow it does...very oddly at times. She's a little bit (well, a LOT bit) country and I'm a little more rock-n-roll. And we've been this way for 14 years. Crazy, but it works.


jb said...

i just got home from WORKING black friday, and it's not any fun on our side, either.

~moe~ said...

Oh JB - I know it's not from the workers standing up to management saying, "We want to work at 4am! We want to open at the butt crack of dawn and stand on our feet all day selling books at prices we could be selling them at all year long but don't because we want to make more money."

It's management. I just don't get it. Sorry you had to work.