30 November 2007

Just for kicks...another Great Day story

Okay, and since I can't just end November like that, I have to write about my day.

Today we took a collection for a group of Army guys from our state who are at training right now and will be coming home for Christmas before being sent overseas. Our donations were to help them come home, and for giving money we could have a dress-down day.

These days are great, in that they have a good purpose and that we are really comfortable while we work all day. But we get a little too comfortable...at least I do...and I find that I have no desire to work because it feels like a vacation day more than a work day, even though I'm in my office and answering the phone and drawing up papers and such.

Well, today was awesome. I had a good morning of doing little, had a great lunch where I went and picked up a package at the post office containing my super awesome gift to myself: Six Feet Under! Then I went back to work and counted up the money donations (over $1300!) and finished up a bunch of work for tomorrow's work day. My boss (not WS from below, but another awesome man with whom I love to work) was working on an article for our newsletter and kept getting interrupted all afternoon. When I left for a meeting at 4 I asked him if he'd still be there when I returned – his answer, “Depends on how I do here.”

Well, he was still in his office when I got back at 5:20. As I walked down the hallway with a colleague I said loudly, “Huh, he must still be working on his article” and I poked my head in his office chuckling. He turned around in his chair, smiled and said, “Oh, no, I'm done. But now you have work to do.” (I edit and tweak his articles for him.) Great...but we both laughed.

We had a good day preparing for the weekend, scheduling his calendar (for once!) and planning for a couple presentations. It was just a good day all around.

Oh, and I was asked several times today if I had received a call for an interview this weekend. This part was just amusing.

Maybe I talked about this, maybe not. There was a job opening earlier this month for a position across the street. Basically it was a lateral move except for the money. I debated and debated, but in the end I decided that life is worth more than money. I love my job! And to change positions, move across the street and begin working with a totally new team just for money didn't seem smart at this time. So I didn't apply.

It was pretty amazing how many people were shocked about this (mostly the people putting in for it). I'm not sure if they think I'm stupid or if they were actually relieved because a little competition (not tooting my horn here) was no longer there.

My thing was that I already work with the head guys I would have been applying to directly work for. These guys are on several committees and work very closely with my current boss, hence I work closely with them. And to apply for a job to work with them seemed to me to be a bit of a slap in the face to my boss. He hired me just under a year ago and I gave my word to work for him, with him, for at least a year if not longer. He was new to his position and I was new to mine. We're still working out our bugs and becoming a stronger team. To step aside now just as we're starting to gel and apply for a job just for the money seemed unethical.

Granted my morals are usually a little off, and I'm sure most would say I'm an idiot for not applying, but as my friend Scott said, “There's something to be said with being happy.”

And for the first time in a very long while, I can honestly say I am truly happy in my job. What more could I ask for?

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