25 November 2007


I'm really excited about this. For months I have been wanting to order the complete series of Six Feet Under. Even last year when the boys bought it for each other for day 1 (they celebrate the 12 days of Christmas and give each other a gift each day) I was so jealous.

A few months back I almost ordered it via B&N because I have my membership as well as two gift cards so it'd be almost $150 or so.

Well, Friday I took a gander at amazon just for kicks and saw that it was $115. I salivated for several moments and then decided to take the plunge.

Why do I like this show you ask? Well, once I was asked who would play me if Hollywood made a movie about my life (which they should and would if they only knew how cool and exciting I am) and my answer was Lauren Ambrose. At the time no one knew her and maybe people still don't but I like her acting and I think she'd be awesome as Moe. AND she'll be in a Fox series next year with Parker Posey which should be great – I mean, it's Parker Posey and all. :)

Which reminds me, I really need to have a Parker Posey marathon like we did in seminary and watch The House of Yes again. Weird and twisted...that's all Parker Posey.

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Kat said...

Loved The House of Yes. And 6 feet under!