20 November 2007

Just keep running, just keep running*

Today's run was interesting. RB and I stayed in today (re: treadmills, joy) and were kind of in a rush. I was supposed to do 4 miles today but due to time restraints I only ran 3. The treadmill sucked, though we have new ones at work and they are a lot better than the old ones.

RB and I have been talking about training ideas and after today's run I think he's right – I need to get back to using music. We didn't talk while we ran today, which actually helped me keep going longer and a steady pace. Though I really missed the conversation, maybe it's better if we don't talk a lot while we run. I don't know. Talking helps to build the lung capacity, too, and keeps the run interesting (we had TV to distract us today) but breathing vs. talking...hmmm. I'm not sure.

And then to top it off after running I subsequently hit both of my knees on various drawers the rest of the day and they hurt! Great...can't wait for tomorrow's have-to 4-miler.

*I don't like this movie, but I tend to paraphrase it a lot.

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