19 November 2007

I'm pretty sure it's Monday

Yeah, it's Monday. I slept til 9:30 which is a total oddity for me but it is standard to sleep in on Monday's so it must be Monday.

First things first – I ran today and it was pretty great. I had a new running partner today. I run on a trail near my house and as I was heading to my starting point there was a beautiful black Lab sniffing around the yard by the trail. I kept walking and soon he was trotting along beside me. I started to jog and he ran ahead, sniffed around, looked back at me and when I caught up with him he jogged beside me. We went for 2 miles together before he started to chase a squirrel as I turned left onto a bridge and we lost each other.

I was kind of sad for the dog because he had no tags and I was really hoping he'd follow me all the way back so I could call animal control, or at least get him back to where we met. On the other hand, it was really fun to run with a dog. No offense, RB, but he was kind of fun to run with for a long distance. He was fun to watch running around, chasing squirrels, sniffing at everything and so sweet.

I'm sure the people walking along the trail thought I was breaking city ordinances by not having him on a leash. I could almost hear the old lady's thoughts who got freaked out by him when he stopped to sniff her dogs (He was fine, her dogs were the ones growling), “He should be on a leash. I'm going to report her.” I waited for her to say anything to me so I could say, “He's not my dog, though he's cute so I wish he was!”

So now I'm once again wishing I had a dog. But I need to have a house with a yard to have a dog because he'll need to have some place to run. And I need to figure out just what kind of dog I'd want because I don't like super big dogs, but I don't want a tiny dog that won't be able to run with me. I need a medium dog, short hair. Any suggestions?


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Megan said...

I love boxers, but they can be a little much. Gorgeous, not too big, and great for running, but they're wicked smart and if you don't give 'em a job, they'll find one you don't want...

I suggest going to a pound or talking to an adoption agency. Find something that's a lab or retriever (for good temper, running love, and loyalty) mixed with something a little smaller, like a terrier or spaniel breed. Plus, then you don't have to worry about raining a puppy, and if the dog's been fostered, you'll have a good feel for it's personality right off the bat.

Can you tell I'm planning to get a dog when we get back? :)