18 November 2007

All turned around

Yesterday felt like Sunday when I drove up to AJ's party. Today felt more like Monday with a little bit of Saturday and Sunday mixed in. What in the world will tomorrow be?

Slept in this morning, had a nice long shower and then went in to work. I had a few hours to make up from last month so I can get paid for that day. It was really quiet at work (it being Sunday and all) but I got all my shredding done which made me happy. I didn't get enough of the rest of my goals completed so I may swing in tomorrow for a bit just to catch up a little more.

Then after swinging by Jimmy John's for lunch I came home and played the domestic for awhile: I plasticated my windows with a little help from a friend. One window was being a total bitch and not tightening up so it took a lot longer than I had planned. And then when I finally got it I got a little cocky and ended up putting a small hole in the middle window plastic. Whoops. Which helped me discover that I'm out of Scotch tape.

Now I need to frame and hang my new pictures and finish cleaning this messy apartment, because...it's time to decorate for Christmas! WOOHOO!

I love decorating for Christmas. I totally missed out on Halloween this year because my decorations were at my other storage facility and by the time I remembered this fact the season had passed me by. But this...I can not miss this. I love Christmas decorations. YAY! And I want to get it done soon so I can start baking this weekend.

In other news: today starts my Pre-Training training for the May marathon. I have 5 weeks of this: Sunday, off; Monday, 3M; Tuesday, 4M; Wednesday, 4M; Thursday, off or Xtrain; Friday, 3M; Saturday, 6M. Actually the training program I read said I could do 4-5 weeks of pre-training so with Thanksgiving and all, if I don't quite make it this week I'm not going to feel too bad. And so it begins...

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Megan said...

Ohhh... Jimmy Johns... I totally miss that now. Why can't I have one for lunch? Sigh.