01 May 2009

DC part II

Diversity Champions course has ended. But the work is just beginning.

Today we had to write a letter to our self. We'll get this letter in 6 months and we can see if we have accomplished what we wanted and if we're in the same place we are today.

Part of our fears is that we'll keep the momentum up for a week, maybe two, maybe even a month, but then it will all fall to the wayside. I was doing the cribbage thing with MS tonight and he started lamenting that it sounded like a lot of other committees that gets started and you have meeting after meeting and nothing ever happens. I had to say, "Please don't deflate me right now, I'm really excited for this." He looked into my eyes and realized I was serious, and agreed.

But just talking to him, who has no stake in our organization or even knows much about it...even HE was skeptical.

We have a lot of work to do.

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