21 May 2009

A great Friday

Yes, I know it's Thursday, but in my world, it's Friday!!! Yay! This afternoon started my loooong weekend. I don't have to be back to work until Wednesday. I'm so happy about this.

So after quartet rehearsal, I took KC back home with me to look at the dresses SBK and I picked out last night. We ended up deciding to go with the one SBK said I shouldn't wear to the wedding. I just feel more comfortable in it, I get to wear my comfortable shoes and I still look good. I'm really excited about it. The other one we picked out would work, but we really need different shoes and handbag.

After that I went down to MS's to help with some of our projects. We hooked up the sprinkler system and then measured out and flagged where we're going to plant trees and bushes tomorrow. Tons o' fun. He's out with the groom for the wedding this weekend and so I'm at home cleaning tonight. I'm actually really glad that I get this time to do some things I need to do. My apartment, for as little as I've been here lately, has really gotten messy. It's clean now!

So as soon as Friends finishes on TBS I'm going to shut the boob tube off and read for awhile. MS is coming over after they get the groom all happy-go-lucky. But I'm not waiting up for him. I'm so tired, I'm really going to welcome this time to rest and relax. Tomorrow will be a busy and tiring day. :)

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