04 May 2009

9 days

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I find it amazing how quickly life can change in just 9 days. A person can go from sad and depressed and unsure about the future or the past, to happy and excited and confident that the future will be great and the past is behind them.

It amazes me that I am said person. And I hope the latter part continues moving forward. :D

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Anonymous said...

The range of human emotion and how quickly it can change is truly amazing. Last night I was feeling extremely hopeful and excited for the future, then I had something happen that left me confused and unsettled and then I was able to say "It is what it is" and regain my hope. That was all in a matter of hours. Whoa...

I hope you continue to feel joy and exuberance, everyone deserves those feelings.