02 May 2009

Freakin' weird day

It was a work day today, which I was kind of glad about because having been at the leadership training this week I'm really far behind on tasks.

The bad thing was I didn't really work today. I networked, as I told Boss1. Luckily he networked a little too so he wasn't too upset.

So I decided to stay late because the work I needed to do is easier done when I'm alone. I cranked up my Upbeat Playlist and sang while I found some order to my chaotic existence.

Then I got to work. But two forms in, one of my mentors came in while talking on his cell. He shut my hall door and then shut the interoffice door between Boss1 and I and sat down to talk.

Can I just say, I was scared out of my mind when he sat down? It's not that I was worried I had done something... well yes I was a bit... but I have never seen him like this. It really scared me.

So we talked. Two different hats came out initially. One that scared the shit out of me - mostly because he was acting on behalf of someone else, but also because of the content; the other because the situation was just wrong. And then the third hat came out - the friend and coach.

We ended up talking over 2 hours trying to come to a place where he felt better. We got close. And it felt good to be able to help him. At one point he said, "Honestly, I've been looking for someone to talk to for a long time about this." That made me sad because he and I have always been able to talk, I thought, but it took this training we were in this week for him to really trust me.

And then tonight on FB, EB IM'd me (how many more acronyms can I get in a row?) that she was stressing out. I did my best to talk her down. Hopefully I did.

Now, I need to go nap. I'm so tired and I have another long day ahead of me. But I can't wait. Life is good.

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