23 May 2009

Fun day and a photo

Today MS's friends got married, and since he was best man we, of course, had to attend. :)

It was a full day. We had our list (literally you know...I mean, I live by lists) and we ran some errands this morning, and then we headed to the wedding location for photos and so on.

It was weird to be back in the wedding circuit again - pinning flowers, moving chairs, taking photos, and of course critiquing the wedding. :) It was fun though.

So here's a photo. I think we looked pretty good. :)


Amy said...


Edith said...

You look absolutely beautiful and incredibly happy! Love you much and praying that God is blessing you richly! :) E

Kat said...

Very cool!! =)

kendi said...

Look at you, looking like a girl!

Beege said...

Your hair is fantastic! I don't think I've ever seen you with long hair.

Sorry it's been so long since I've stopped by. I'm catching up on blogs today. You sound happy, and that makes me happy. :)