10 May 2009

A nice Sunday

For those of you, all 5 of you, who actually read this blog and noticed I didn't post yesterday, despite what the timestamp says below, the reason I didn't was because my computer was jacked up last night when I got home, so here you go.

I love Sundays. I so should have gotten more done, but I'm feeling pretty good. Saturday late afternoon I had started my clothes project - going through my drawers and closets and even bins trying to sort through what clothes I really wanted to keep, what could be put in storage, and what could go to Goodwill. I have a TON to go to Goodwill - a lot of stuff I just don't ever wear and why keep it if someone else can wear it. I also have a lot of t-shirts that I'm just going to cut for rags because I'll never wear them, even for work projects, so I might as well just cut them up. I need some more rags around the house anyway.

So today I finished up the clothes project after church and my run, and then proceeded to do two loads of laundry and read parts of a couple books. I'm reading Once A Runner and then started HP:5 again because I can't quite remember how the story went anymore.

The bad thing is I also fell asleep and didn't go to the movie with Mom. But it was such a nice day, spending the afternoon in the theatre wasn't really appealing. MS called around 4:30 and we met up at Home Depot to do get some specs on a few projects. We ended up at Menards as well and then headed out for subs and cribbage. Truly a full and relaxing evening. Loved it.

I need more days like this. Of course I need more productive days like I had Saturday night too. Hopefully after the marathon on Saturday, when I can't really move a lot anyway, I can go through magazines and papers and get rid of some more. Then it will be on to books. Uffda...books. :) Oh well, it needs to be done.

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