27 May 2009

Not too bad

Today I was actually fairly motivated. It helps when I get to work late because then I'm on the go from the get-go. Not that it's good to be late as I'll have to sign an hour for that, but oh well.

Tonight I went to my nephew's baseball game. He was pitching to start and he did really well. Sadly though, they lost and so he was sulking after the game. I worry about him when he gets like this. One of his friends does this during the game when he makes a mistake and then it effects (or affects - I always get those wrong) the rest of his playing. Hopefully Zach will realize that it's a game and there's always room for improvement. He'll be okay.

It was cold tonight though. 60 degrees and a cold wind. But tomorrow - it's supposed to be in the 80s. Nice. I need to run tomorrow. I haven't since the almost marathon, so I really need to get out. Here's hoping! :)

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