24 May 2009

Sunday is not a day of rest anymore

Since Saturday was a bust with the wedding, MS and I spent all of today getting caught up on our projects. And since we're both early risers, we started early.

Chris came at 8 to finalize the wiring for the sprinkler system. We were close, we just didn't know the open versus closed wire and it was probably good to have him look over everything anyway. We'll be setting the heads and getting that ready to go on Tuesday. YAY!

Then MS and I finished planting the rest of the 45 trees and bushes we had to plant. We had done most on Friday, but we had just under half to finish today. That's a lot of holes to dig, to fill, to water, to stake. But they will look stunning when they are grown - 5-20 years. :)

After that, MS wanted to drag the yard so he could seed. I was going to ride shotgun on the John Deere but there was no room. So I let him go and I started harvesting rocks. For whatever reason, this yard has rocks - and a lot of them. Big rocks. Like softball size rocks. So I grabbed a bucket and went where he had gone over to start picking. I got through half the yard in 5 hours and still missed a bunch. I did manage to fill the plastic bins around the five trees. From here on out the rest will go around the culvert.

But now my lower back hurts...really bad. And I got a little burned on my back since I decided to wear a tank so I wouldn't get a farmer's tan. My arms look good, but my back is really sore.

It's a good thing we can laugh about this. Last week I had to aloe MS's back since he burned his entire back from just having his shirt off for about 4 hours one morning. So he gets to laugh at me since he kept telling me I was going to burn. Oh well.

The good thing - I did beat him at cribbage tonight. Of course he let me win because I didn't quite see Nobs at the end, until just before he started counting, and that was the last point I needed.


Amy said...

Geesh! For all that work, I think you should get a back rub!

~moe~ said...

If I wasn't burned to a crisp I would totally welcome that! Maybe once it "tans" I'll be ready. :)

Kat said...

Love reading about you just hanging out with your man! He sounds so great for you. =) Happy.