29 May 2009

Almost a full day

Wow, I was doing so well today until about an hour ago when my brain seemed to crash. It's 1620 when I'm typing this and I haven't gotten much accomplished in the last hour. What's bad is I have a lot to do and Boss1 is leaving for a week. Not good. I should be out running too, but I'm still a little scared about my knee. I have to get over that though as Marathon Training begins on Monday. Woohoo!

I've also been getting into my head again and my self-doubt and lack of self-confidence and esteem are flowing rapidly today. Why? I don't get why I get this way. It's just stupid stuff I'm thinking, but it just picks away at my brain, nagging me until I just want to scream. Of course it would all be solved with simple questions and answers, but the the self-doubt flares again and causes me to be scared of what the answers may be. Dumb, I tell you. I'm just dumb.

I'm off to the land of crabs and football this weekend. My oldest nephew is graduating from high school so I'm flying out to see the family. It should be a lot of fun, albeit a very short trip. I just have to follow through on my promise to go back again later this year. Maybe MS will come along on that trip since he can't this weekend.

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Erik said...

No need for self doubt, you are great and it is great to see less of you on the net. Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself.